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  • Essential Van MOT Checklist: Key Areas To Watch

    09 May 14

    If you own a van and the date of your next MOT is due soon, you will want to ensure that every single aspect of your vehicle is in full working order so that you can pass the test without any issues. Below you will find a comprehensive checklist that you can use ahead of [...]

  • Injection Removal FAQs: All You Need To Know:

    07 Apr 14

    Seized fuel injectors are a common problem and removal can often be surprisingly tricky, and if things go wrong, end up being costly. Here are some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions about the hazards of blocked fuel injectors:

Classes 4, 5 & 7
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Class 5 MOT in Birmingham

Our garage is equipped to carry out Class 5 MOT’s - vehicles that come under Class 5 are minibuses and private passenger vehicles that have 13 or more passenger seats, this also includes playbuses and ambulances. Class 5 vehicles are required to pass an MOT every 12 months with the first MOT required one year from the date of manufacture.

Class 7 MOTs

We also have the mechanical experience and the appropriate machinery to carry out class 7 MOTs on site for our loyal client base. Vehicles that fall under Class 7 are goods vehicles that are over 3,000kg in gross weight but no heavier than 3,5000kg. An annual MOT is required on all Class 7 vehicles with the first MOT taking place when the vehicle is three years old.